Workshops 1 – 5


Workshop Pitjit 1 covers background information and basic techniques. Participants in the workshop  are expected to practice the massage techniques on each other. By the end of the first workshop, the participants are able to give a basic Pitjit treatment.

Workshop Pitjit 2 involves learning treatments and working with the body’s energy. For example, locating any obstructions preventing the free flow of energy through the body’s meridians, working with coins (keroh), cajaputi and cupping. While much of this workshop is devoted to honing skills learned in Workshop 1, strong emphasis placed on the aspect of working with the body’s energy.

Workshop 1 and 2 together form a core body of knowledge and are the best introduction to Pitjit. For the beginner, these workshops provide the knowledge and skill to practice Pitjit on an informal basis within their own circle of friends and family. For professional masseurs, these workshops are an excellent addition to their professional skills and knowledge.

Workshop Pitjit 3 is a completely different type of workshop interwoven with new aspects of the physical and spiritual elements of Pitjit. For example the pressure points on the back, massage of connective tissue and Pidjit urut. Central to this workshop is that the masseur ensures that the client enters a deep state of relaxation.

Workshop Pitjit 4 concerns two traditional forms of Pitjit. The morning session will cover Pitjit Djalan djalan; massage with the feet. In the afternoon, Pitjit kursi (chair massage) will be handled.

Workshop Pitjit 5 is about the traditional use of herbs, massage tools, and further exploration of technique and energy work. In the afternoon session, participants will treat two real cases from my practice. Emphasis is placed on communication, anamnese and the choice of treatment. At the end of this workshops, participants will recieve a certificate recognized by the Pitjit Foundation (Stichting Pitjit).

Upcoming Workshops:

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