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Pitjit is difficult to define in narrow terms. Broadly speaking, Pitjit is, first and foremost, massage that comes from the heart, guided by the intuition of the practitioner. The art of Pitjit is disappearing along with the first generation of Indonesians and Molukkans in the Netherlands. Traditionally, this knowledge was passed down through the family, generation to generation but life in western society and all its pressures has taken a toll; families live further apart, time to teach and patience to listen and learn are in short supply.

In order to preserve this valuable knowledge and pass it along to future generations we offer a series of Pitjit workshops throughout the year.
The workshops are held in the Nivon center, Lodewijkstraat 1, 7553 LB, in Hengelo.

• Included in the price of the workshop is an Indonesian lunch: good food makes for good conversation; important in the evaluation of the morning session.
• All materials necessary for the workshops are provided.
• The price for a workshop is: €125 per person per day.
• Workshops begin promptly at 10:00 and end approximately at 16:30.

Upcoming Workshops:

On request.