Indonesian pitjit


In Indonesian family life, Pitjit is used as an informal home remedy for illness or general fatigue. For example small children may “Pitjit” their father by walking gently over his aching back to massage away the aches and pains after a hard day’s work or a mother may rub her children’s chests or backs with balsam to help to loosen up a cold which may have settled there. In this way the tradition of Pitjit is passed down the generations of a family. For an Indonesian, “Tukang Pitjit” or “Ibu Pijit’ are bywords for health maintenence. The Tukang Pitjit or Ibu Pitjit will give a traditional intensive Pitjit massage. First and foremost, Pitjit is massage that comes from the heart, guided by the intuition of the practitioner.


Like a traditonal spicy Indonesian rice buffet, a Pitjit massage can be vigorous. A good, competent Pitjit practitioner will tailor the massage to the needs of the individual in order to promote balance of the body and spirit. A Pitjit massage can do wonders for the individual even if he or she is has no physical complaints at the moment. During a Pitjit massage, the daily hustle and bustle is put aside to make room for rest and clarity of thought.


Pitjit is an ideal way to relax both mind and body as a part of general health maintenance!



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