Pitjit as prevention



cis2kopieMassage works as a strong physical tonic. A good massage not only feels good and promotes relaxation but also has a healing element to it. A massage can have a positive influence on the body in recovery from illness or injury.


Massage stimulates blood flow, which helps the body eliminate waste products and toxins more efficiently as well as working to boost the body’s immune system and speed the healing process. With all the stress of modern life, we often neglect ourselves. This stress can manifest itself in diverse complaints of both mind and body. A good massage is like a mini-vacation which relaxes and restores balance to mind, body and spirit.They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is also true with Pitjit.

Pitjit can relieve and, if used in timely fashion, prevent diverse ailments.



8 juli 2017; De praktijk is vanwege het zomerreces een tijdje gesloten. Vanaf maandag 14 augustus kan er weer gebeld…

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