The Indonesian word “Pitjit” literally means “massage”. It is a traditional form of preventive treatment for health maintenance and can also provide relief for various health ailments. The art of Pitjit is handed down from generation to generation within the family and by practitioners known as “Ibu Pitjit” or “Tukang Pitjit” (massage-mother resp. massage-practitioner).
Pitjit remains a vibrant part of Indonesian culture and lifestyle today.


Because Indonesia is an island kingdom with a diverse population, there are various forms and techniques of Pitjit depending on the culture and geographical location of the practitioner. You may also notice
differences in the spelling of the word: Pidjit, pidjet, pijit and pijid are common spellings. In Java or Bali it may be written as pijet of pidjat. I invite you to explore the site to learn more.

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‘Pitjit, De stille kracht van Indonesische massage’

Pitjit, massage uit de gordel van smaragd. Tot op heden is deze traditionele, van generatie op generatie mondeling overgedragen massagekunst niet…