Cis Everhard



Cis Everhard (Goor 1958) is married and the mother of two children.

Raised in a post-World War II Indonesian family in the Netherlands, Cis grew up familiar with the trauma and insecurities that were prevalent among Indonesians living in this period. Her father was prisoner of war and was forced to work on the Burma Railroad. This terrible experience cast a long shadow over the entire family. Pitjit, always a part of Indonesian family life, provided comfort throughout her childhood. Her mother’s illness spurred Cis to learn more about Pitjit. After her completing her degree at the Sociale Academie she worked in a number of different orphanages in the Netherlands. She found the techniques of Pitjit she had learned from her parents useful in the treatment of children in her care.

In 1996 Cis opened her Pitjit practice in Hengelo (Ov). She has been giving workshops since 2002 and 2008 saw the publication of her book “VanTop tot Teen Pitjit”. She was also the initiating factor in the formation of the Stichting Pitjit (Pitjit Foundation) in 2007.



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