Massage as ancient way of healing


In our daily lives we often unconsciously use massage techniques. We may gently rub or lay a hand on a painful joint for example. Pitjit arose from the same basic needs in our ancestors: to relieve pain, heal the body and to prevent illness. It is one of the oldest known forms of natural healing. Through the centuries, herbal remedies in the form of balsams, oils and poultices came to be used in Pitjit as well. This combination has been refined over the centuries to the Pitjit we know today.

Pitjit is difficult to define in narrow terms. Broadly speaking, Pitjit is, first and foremost, massage that comes from the heart, guided by the intuition of the practitioner. It can be vigorous, dynamic and stimulating but it can also be used for relaxation and balance. The combination of spirituality and technique found in Pitjit form an energy which is known in Indonesia as ‘kekuatan gaib’ The Dutch name for this is the “Stille Kracht”. There is no English equivalent for this term. This “stille kracht” is what differentiates Pitjit from other forms of massage and makes it especially effective.



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