‘Van top tot teen Pitjit’

Van top tot teen Pitjit



A moving and often hilarious autobiography about how a little girl in a post-war Indonesian family  grew up to be a modern “Ibu Pitjit”.

A warm, professional view of the art of traditonal Indonesian massage.






Reactions from readers:

” I read the book in an afternoon. I enjoyed it, laughed, wiped away a few tears and learned a lot.”

“Last night I read the book from cover to cover. Like Bert (de Haan) I sometimes had to laugh out loud…good, warm, honest and down to earth, stylish and evocative…all at the same time.”

“The book was like coming home. Familiar scents rose off the page and penetrated my soul. I felt the warmth but also the “sakit”. It moved me and it made me laugh but what struck me the most was the inextricable bonds that tie us to the land of our parents.”

“Warm and honest stories, I’ve read the book with pleasure.”

“A great read! I was sorry to reach the end so quickly. This book vividly describes the terrible struggles
of the first Indonesian immigrants to the Netherlands.”


‘Pitjit, de stille kracht van Indonesische massage’
Cis Everhard
bound, 240 pages
fully illustrated in color
publisher: Aerial Media Company
ISBN: 9789402601367
NUR: 864
price: € 35,-

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(Currently only available in Dutch)

‘Van top tot teen Pitjit’

Cis Everhard
Paperback, 168 pages
ISBN: 978-90-9023 629-2
NUR: 873
price: € 14,50

(Currently only available in Dutch)

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